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Book your vehicle in for a two or four wheel alignment today with our online booking system, it’s the easiest way to find the date and time that suits you best. Simply enter your vehicle registration to get started. Once booked in all you need to do is turn up at our car garage in Perivale & Greenford at the allotted time for perfectly aligned wheels.

Wheel alignment, or tracking, refers to the angle at which your wheels are set against the vehicle.

Poorly aligned tyres can lead to a number of issues such as:

  • Increased and/or irregular tyre wear.
  • Poor handling.
  • Increased fuel consumption.

Using the latest technologies and equipment in Perivale we are able to take precise measurements of your wheel angles and set them to their correct and optimal position.

Your wheel alignment can be thrown out as a result of hitting a pothole, curb, having a minor or major collision or even persistent driving on uneven road surfaces. Misaligned wheels can occur as general wear and tear over the lifetime of your vehicle.

As such it is important to get it looked at if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Squealing noises whilst driving.
  • Your vehicle pulls in a particular direction.
  • A crooked steering wheel when driving straight.
  • Uneven or rapid tyre wear.

Vehicle having its wheels aligned - Wheel Alignment Perivale

For more information about wheel alignment or anything to do with tyres call us on 0203 417 9277 or Contact us using our contact form.

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